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One of the most important platforms to steer your brand to limelight is “Social Media” there are a variety of platforms you can get on-board. But how will your followers or fans or admirers know that your account is true?

There could be an account that is already taken on your name and, probably pretending and posting content that is generated by you. This is where the “BLUE TICK” or the verified account comes into play.


Being verified on social media is really a big deal and plays significant part of building your brand. There are less than 1% of users on various platforms are verified and it’s not really an easy task to be verified. There is a process and you need to meet the necessary requirements or else your account will be denied. This is what our PR agency does, we file your application with various platforms you are in
and get the “BLUE TICK” on your profile.

Twitter Verification

Twitter is a genuine platform where all kinds of famous people voice their opinion and there are less than 1% of them that are verified. The ones that are verified enjoy better features and stronger results. It protects your image, brand or even your stature, because your followers know that your account is
genuine and its you who’s voicing out information.

Facebook Verification

Compared to other platforms Facebook is a tad bit easier to be verified on and less of a hassle as far as meeting requirements is concerned. But it doesn’t change your presence or brand image on social media. In-fact facebook verified users are ranked top on all search engines. Contact Us to start your Facebook Verification.

Instagram Verification

Instagram is where most celebrities do their brand promotions by posting pictures or short videos. Our celebrity publicist will protect your brand and deal with Instagram directly to get your account verified. You must take advantage of the Instagram verification, it has so much to offer. Get in touch with us

YouTube Verification

Get verified on YouTube or VEVO (if you are a musician), you could enjoy a range of benefits such as extra security, YouTube analytics recommends you to new users. All you need to do is send us your YouTube channel details and get started with the verification process.

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